James Wallace


LightPlan(照明计划) | Design Director 设计总监
专业领域: 工程设计机构人士
个人简介: 照明计划的校长,位于西澳大利亚的珀斯。

1979年,我从南澳大利亚阿德莱德的摄政学院(Regency Institute)毕业,我现在是IES会员,也是IALD(国际照明设计师协会)的专业会员。






除了我的专业活动,我还喜欢旅行,微型模型铁路建设,各种当代音乐,拥有一个小的葡萄酒收藏,看我最喜欢的足球队,和我的宠物pugaliers Jasper和Peggy一起度过时光。

企业简介: Established in 2004, LightPlan is an independent boutique consultancy practice delivering a range of professional lighting design services our office in Perth, Australia.

Lighting is for people; at LightPlan we take a holistic approach to all assignments, whether large or small, interior or exterior. We reinforce the view that light is the 4th dimension in architecture and planning; therefore our designs strive to create the seamless integration between light and the built environment with the aim of creating a feeling of well-being, vibrancy and environmental pleasantness.

As a fee-for-service design consultancy we work with passion and integrity to ensure our clients receive state-of-the-art advice, coupled with innovative practical solutions to their lighting projects. Through a pre-agreed brief and design process we work on our client’s behalf to realise an appropriate and distinctive luminous environment within an agreed budget and project time-lines.

Our ability to conceptualize and implement unique yet practical lighting installations that are able to withstand the rigours of public activity is a skill that has been demonstrated repeatedly.

LightPlan has a reputation as an experienced consultant in the fields of lighting strategy, nightscape planning, controlling the obtrusive effects of outdoor lighting and visual ergonomics.

Our expertise draws a broad base of interior and exterior architectural lighting design projects including building facades and streetscapes, place-making, heritage and conservation, museum, gallery and exhibitions, landscape, civic, public utility, sports, security, industrial/mining and ephemeral installations.

LightPlan traditionally works as a project team-member alongside other architectural, design and engineering professions. We also work directly for the corporate community, all tiers of government, arts and exhibition organizations, mining and natural resources companies, occupational health and safety personnel, and the facilities management sector.

Each project requires specific resources. Where appropriate, LightPlan will often assemble a team of individuals with disparate talents in the areas of lighting design, interior design, urban planning, engineering, graphics and architectural drafting, so as to fully service the needs of the lighting design project.

LightPlan is co-owned and managed by James Wallace with over 30 years experience in the lighting industry, establishing his first independent lighting consultancy practice in 1994.(web:http://www.lightplan.net.au/)