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企业英文名称:AirTouch(Shanghai) Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd

企业性质::制造型生产企业 ()



雷达传感器作为智能照明的重要组成部分,通过感知人的运动、微动、呼吸以及心跳,实现自动开灯、关灯、调光、组网控制等等,让智能照明真正的实现智能化、无感化。隔空科技作为雷达传感器的头部芯片企业,致力于让传感器变得更智能。 隔空科技5.8G定频雷达方案,高集成SOC芯片,PLL数字锁相环技术,低功耗架构,CMOS高性价比工艺。 相比于非定频雷达(2.4GHz-3.9GHz)方案的优势: 具有较高的一致性 抗干扰能力强,降低密集安装干扰 使用ISM频段,占用带宽窄、避免与5G NR频段冲突 相比于5.8GHz分立方案的优势: 具有较高的一致性 不需要人工调试,方便大规模量产 工作频率不随温度变化,可以通过CE、FCC认证 同时,我们的雷达模块针对2.4GHz的蓝牙/wifi频段做了陷波处理,衰减超过30dB,避免蓝牙/wifi模块对雷达造成干扰。 Radar sensor as an important part of intelligent lighting, through the perception of people's movement, twitching, breathing and heartbeat, to realize automatic light on, light off, dimming, networking control and so on, making intelligent lighting really realize intelligent, no influence. As the head chip enterprise of radar sensor, Airtouch Technology is committed to making sensors more intelligent. The 5.8G fixed-frequency radar solution of Airtouch has a highly integrated SOC, PLL digital phase-locked loop technology, low power consumption architecture, and CMOS cost-effective process. Advantages over non-fixed frequency radar (2.4GHz-3.GHz) solutions. With higher consistency High anti-interference capability, reducing dense installation interference Use ISM frequency band, occupy narrow bandwidth, avoid conflict with 5G NR frequency band Advantages over 5.8GHz discrete solutions. Higher consistency No need for manual debugging, convenient for mass production Operating frequency does not change with temperature, and can pass CE and FCC certification At the same time, our radar module for 2.4GHz bluetooth/wifi band do trap processing, attenuation more than 30dB, to avoid the bluetooth/wifi module to radar interference.
作为全球领先的智能传感器芯片专家,隔空科技专注于高性能无线射频技术、微波毫米波技术、雷达传感器技术、 低功耗MCU技术及SOC技术,定义并研发世界领先的“Me First” 芯片产品,提供高性价比的芯片、算法、软件及模组全套解决方案。公司产品线中的5.8GHz、10.525GHz、24GHz、60GHz、77GHz系列雷达传感芯片,以及“BLE+雷达”双模芯片、专用MCU芯片等产品,被广泛应用于智能物联网(AIoT)、智慧照明、智能家电、智能家居以及智慧城市管理等领域。 公司凝聚了资深技术专家、运营管理人士,具备优秀的射频/模拟IC、低功耗SoC、算法软件等关键技术研发能力,以及多达数亿颗射频SoC芯片的量产经验;公司秉承一流的供应商选择和严格的供应链管理,品质管理贯彻整个产品研发周期,确保对客户交付产品的高品质。 公司成立以来,已获得TCL创投、国投创业、复星锐正、英特尔资本、小米产投、勤合清石资本(华勤技术)、临芯资本、国科投资、晶丰明源、真格基金、芯汇投资、君度资本和三行资本等知名企业和机构的投资,拥有雄厚的资金实力支持公司的可持续发展。 As the world's leading expert in smart sensor chips , AirTouch(Shanghai) Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd. focuses on high performance wireless radio frequency technology, microwave pen-metre wave technology, radar sensor technology, low power MCU technology SOC technology., defining and developing the world's leading "Me First" chip products, providing cost-effective chips, algorithms, software and modules for a complete set of solutions. Our company's 5.8GHz, 10.525GHz, 24GHz, 60GHz, 77GHz radar sensor chips, BLE+Radar dual-mode chips, Dedicated MCU chips are widely used in smart Internet of Things (AloT), smart lighting, smart home appliances, smart home and smart city management. The Airtouch Technology has a team of senior technical experts and operation managers with excellent R&D capabilities in RF/analog IC, low-power SoC, algorithm software and other key technologies, as well as experience in mass production of hundreds of millions of RF SoC chips; the company adheres to first-class supplier selection and strict supply chain management, quality management throughout the product development cycle to ensure the high quality of products delivered to customers. Since its establishment, the Airtouch Technology has received investments from well-known companies and institutions, such as T Fund , SDICVC , Fosun RZ Capital , Intel Capital, Xiaomi Production Investment, Tsingstone(HuaQin Technology), Sunic-capital, CAS Investment,BPSEMI, Zhenfund, IC Cafe, Jundu Investment and Triniticapital, and has strong financial strength to support the sustainable development of the company.
目前隔空科技拥有工作于5.8GHz ISM频带的全系列雷达传感器芯片,包括超高性能AT5810雷达芯片、全球唯一uA级超低功耗AT5815雷达芯片、超低成本AT5812雷达芯片以及超高集成度的“雷达+MCU”AT5820 SoC雷达芯片。并针对特定市场,推出了工作于10.525G频段的雷达传感器芯片,包括超低成本的AT1012芯片,以及超低功耗的AT1015芯片。 At present, the Airtouch Technology has a full range of radar sensor chips working in 5.8GHz ISM band, including ultra-high performance AT5810 radar chip, the world's only uA class ultra-low power AT5815 radar chip, ultra-low cost AT5812 radar chip and ultra-high integration of "radar +MCU" AT5820 SoC radar chip. For the specific market, Airtouch Technology has launched radar sensor chips working in the 10.525G band, including the ultra-low cost AT1012 chip and ultra-low power AT1015 chip.
目前隔空科技拥有员工50余人,研发人员占比超过75%,核心团队多来自于国内外顶尖高校和一流的芯片设计公司。公司拥有各类专利超70项,公司成立以来,已获得英特尔资本、小米产投、TCL创投、国投创业、复星锐正、勤合清石资本(华勤技术)、临芯资本、国科投资、晶丰明源、君度资本、三行资本、芯汇投资、真格基金等知名企业和机构的投资 At present, the Airtouch Technology has more than 50 employees, R&D personnel account for more than 75%, the core team is mostly from top universities and first-class chip design companies at home and abroad. The company has more than 70 kinds of patents, Since its establishment, the Airtouch Technology has received investments from well-known companies and institutions, such as T Fund , SDICVC , Fosun RZ Capital , Intel Capital, Xiaomi Production Investment, Tsingstone(HuaQin Technology), Sunic-capital, CAS Investment,BPSEMI, Zhenfund, IC Cafe, Jundu Investment and Triniticapital.
隔空科技雷达芯片产品品质及性能已受到业界的一致认可,在飞利浦、松下、小米、美的、TCL、大华、阳光、佛照、立达信等众多头部客户的项目里面实现了规模量产与交付,并与涂鸦、华为、阿里等物联网平台达成深度合作,为场景智能化赋能。隔空科技于2021年全年实现了超千万颗的雷达芯片出货,位列业界前茅。 The quality and performance of Airtouch radar chips have been agreed by the industry, in Philips, Panasonic, Xiaomi, Midea, TCL, Dahua, Y ankon, Foshan Llighting , Leedarson, and many other head inside a customer project realized the scale of production and delivery, and the Internet of things, such as Tuya, Huawei, Ali platform to achieve depth cooperation, intelligent can assign for the scene. In the whole year of 2021, Airtouch Technology has realized the shipment of more than 10 million radar chips, ranking first in the industry.


作为全球领先的智能传感器芯片专家,隔空(上海)智能科技有限公司专注于高性能无线射频、微波雷达传感、触控交互及低功耗MCU技术,定义并研发世界领先的*Me First”芯片产品,提供高性价比的微波雷达传感芯片、触控传感芯片、算法、软件及模组全套解决方案。所推出的系列传感产品,被广泛应用于智能物联网(AloT)、智慧照明、智能家电、智能家居以及智慧城市管理等领域。