坚守公允 甄选卓越


阿拉丁神灯奖,是在广州市经济贸易委员会特别支持下,由广州光亚法兰克福展览有限公司于2013年正式发起,具有国际影响力的奖项,每年举办一届。阿拉丁神灯奖作为一项公益性评选,坚持“引领、高度、权威、公正”的评选精神,致力于鼓励更多企业积极参与产品创新研发,推动企业由“制造型”向“智造型”转变, 促进产业转型升级;同时,不断挖掘优秀工程、优质产品、创新技术和创新设计,树立行业标杆和典范,为行业定义未来的产品和技术方向,为全球行业贡献中国智慧和中国方案,被誉为业界的“奥斯卡奖”。

Alighting Award is an industry award with international influence officially launched by Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd. in 2013, under the special support of Guangzhou Economic and Trade Commission, which has held once a year. As a public selection, the Alighting Award adheres to the selection spirit of “leading, high, authoritative and fair”, and is committed to encouraging more enterprises to actively participate in product innovation, research and development, promoting the transformation of enterprises from “manufacturing” to “intelligent”, and promoting industrial transformation and upgrading; at the same time, we continue to explore excellent projects, high-quality products, innovative technologies and innovative designs, set industry benchmarks and models, define the future products and technology direction for the industry, and contribute Chinese wisdom and Chinese solutions to the global industry, which is known as the “Oscar” of the industry.


The Alighting Award is divided into two categories: lighting and digital intelligence.


The Lighting Award is jointly held by the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. The award aims to reward innovative products, outstanding projects with perfect combination of edge cutting technologies, lighting technology and art and creative excellent designs that help promote the development of the global lighting industry in a green, energy-saving and sustainable direction. By setting benchmarks and models, it encourages the industry to carry out technological innovation and product innovation, promote technological progress of the lighting industry and promote the long-term development of China and even the global lighting industry.


The Digital Intelligence Award is jointly held by Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology and it is held once a year. There are Digital Intelligence Achievement Award and Digital Intelligence Design Award. By awarding products and technological innovation in the digital intelligence field of the industry, the award aims to promote the transformation of digitalization and intellectualization in the fields of urban, home furnishing, office, hotel and retail commercial buildings, promote the development of industry to high-quality integrated innovation and promote the development of digitalization and intellectualization of the whole society.