Ten Years’ Pursuit of Light & Start of Future Together


2022 is the 10th anniversary of Alighting Award. In the past ten years, the Alighting Award has witnessed the rise and growth of 6031 brands and has recorded 13,067 innovative products, technologies and projects.


During the past ten years, the Alighting Award has witnessed several products and technology innovation in the lighting industry and also witnessed the brutal growth of the lighting industry from the early days to today’s “high-quality development”.


During the past ten years, China’s lighting industry has grown from weak to strong, from OEM to brand establishment, from simply maintenance of domestic market consumption demand to occupying the global lighting leading market, reviewing the development history of our country’s lighting industry, we have witnessed the ups and downs of the industry’s development in the past ten years.


Time flies and nowadays, Alighting Award has already become an important flag of the lighting industry.


Light is the common pursuit of all mankind. Tens of thousands of people in the industry are messengers of lights, whether they are workers fighting in the front line of the workshop or scientific researchers working hard in the laboratory; whether they are the builders of the city’s night view or the ordinary people who light up the lights of thousands of home. There are countless light seekers in every bright place.


In the future, how to stimulate the industry’s innovative vitality? How to help promote the development of the industry further? How to further renew the value and strength of light? The Alighting Award will continue to adhere to the original intention and mission: lead, height, authority and justice and will continue to light up the industry to lead the a great fire.


In a new era, comes with new responsibility. You and I can be light seekers and everyone is light maker.