Ride On The Momentum And Take The Light


The voyage of history is magnificent and the tide of the times is surging. Alighting Award has been held for nine consecutive times and has become a highly influential award which attracts the attention of the industry.


In 2021, the 9th Alighting Award received 2,283 applications from 791 units and 211 individuals which is an increase of 11.3% compared with the previous time. After voted and reviewed by 195 nominating committee members from 11 countries and regions and 36 members of cooperative institutions, a total of 219 projects were awarded. In addition, we also set up a list of top 100 intelligent lighting enterprises this time in order to lead a healthy development of lighting enterprises in the field of intelligence.


The year of 2021 is a milestone in industrial development after the epidemic. This new journey redefines new development and reshapes our lives which are destined to leave a very special and important mark for us in this year. The haze is gone and everything is revived. In this year, Alighting Award has made continuous breakthroughs and innovations, new development patterns, new technologies, new products, new formats, new models and so on. The light of hope in the hearts of countless lighting people has be lit up with the new journey and more wonderful track and stirred up the surging power of "back waves1'. It can be said that the spirit of Alighting Award is the benchmark that the industry needs most.


The development of Alighting Award is not only to grasp the development law of the industry, but also to enhance the courage and strength of the industry and to become a positive participant with innovation in order to proceed the industry at a higher starting point, at a higher level and with a higher goal.


In 2021, we stand at a new historical starting point. Alighting Award is gathering light and strength, on the road ahead, for leaders, there will be further opportunities; if you fall behind, you will have the opportunities to overtake and catch up; for all participants, there must be opportunities to start a new business from scratch. History will not end because new history is being written.


Let's start again and our journey is the sea of stars;


Open the door of the world, there is light in front of it!